TPS TV | Kooste: FF Jaro - TPS 0-1 (19.08.2012)

Kooste: FF Jaro – TPS 0-1 (19.08.2012)

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  1. 92 10-12-11 spune: sa raspunzi la intrebari, cum te-am rugat mai sus1. cu ce aplicatie rulezi filmul ?2. ti se face ecranul negru si cand te uiti la un film de pe youtube in fulescrlen? +43V-a ajutat acest raspuns?

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  6. Hi Fabio, I’m working with PLCs and Lazarus, i’m really interested on your PascalScada components, maybe we can collaborate or something. How can i contact you?My e-mail is: jorgesolla[ AT ]gmail[dot]com

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